Auberry Community

Auberry Community, Growing and Sharing, is a proposal with three initial goals:

1. Locate a building that can be donated or used without fee, to be a Community Center in Auberry where we can begin to have classes and events for local foothill residents to share their skills, talents, abilities, or services with others in the area. A large open room with possibly additional smaller rooms would be perfect.

2. Begin a group of 20 people who would consider joining a regular meeting to participate in a Gift Circle, learn how it works, and who might eventually want to start another similar circle in their neighborhood.

3. Develop a roster of Foothill residents who would like to share their skills, talents, abilities, or services. Individual ideas are unlimited and open to interpretation. It might be a single day event, a series of classes, field trips to experience and learn something, or something else. It’s open!

Under each of these goals are many ideas and possibilities that will emerge as we continue to grow and share in our community.

To learn more please go to the contact page and let us know your interests. You are welcome!